Years of experience, combined with deep knowledge of the local and international market’s growing and ongoing demands, have given SUNCARE incomparable expertise in meeting its clients’ expectations and securing the best of everything.


Gifts to Take Home…
Until your next trip to Cyprus – because we are sure that you will come back – offer your delegates to take back home, some of the island’s sunshine, a bit of the Mediterranean breeze, a handful of golden sand, the aromas of the local herbs and the spirit of Cyprus’ culture in the form of…
• A variety of organic oriented products combined with local herbs
• Beautifully wrapped unusual pots and bags filled with Cyprus’ localities
• Cyprus’ sweets and delicacies
• Handmade laces and silver filigree
• Handmade mosaics and terracotta creations
• Silver handmade creations
• Toiletries and Spa Products
• Traditional dishes cookery books and CDs
• Traditional wines and spirits

And many more…
The entire selection of gifts is elegantly wrapped and presented with SUNCARE’s personal touch and always in accordance with our clients’ wishes, customized logos and event themes…
“YES, We Can!!
How Can We Be Of Service?”