Years of experience, combined with deep knowledge of the local and international market’s growing and ongoing demands, have given SUNCARE incomparable expertise in meeting its clients’ expectations and securing the best of everything.


Cyprus is worldwide known for its luxurious and elegant 4* and 5* hotels, boutique hotels,
leading hotels of the world and residents only resorts in all major towns and holiday places,
the majority of them situated right on the island’s lacy sandy beaches
overlooking the blue Mediterranean sea.
Cyprus’ hotels combine top quality and comfortable stay with syndicate and conference rooms
of premium quality. There is a vast selection of beautiful venues that are able to accommodate
any number of delegates, offering at the same time the appropriate conference space,
audio visual equipment of the latest technology and catering services
adjusted according to client’s requirements.
Because all hotels in the coastal towns lay each one close to the other, it is very convenient
not only to accommodate big groups in more than one hotel, but also to use some of
their facilities to organize off – site functions, themed parties, gala dinners, as well as
various innovative outdoor and beach activities.
Needless to say that SUNCARE having established smooth and long lasting
relationships over the years, can negotiate and guarantee the most competitive rates for the
benefit of its clients.