Years of experience, combined with deep knowledge of the local and international market’s growing and ongoing demands, have given SUNCARE incomparable expertise in meeting its clients’ expectations and securing the best of everything.


Below is a sample of what we can create for you:

• “Kopiaste” the Cypriot style…
• A movie star’s arrival…
• Getting into a time machine…
• Royalty arrival treat
• Welcome and Farewell “A La Carte” Surprises:
• Welcome the oriental way…

Fun Activities:
• “Souvla” Day the Oriental Way
• An adventurous trip full of surprises
• Aphrodite with the eyes of …Botticelli
• Go – Kart adventures
• Golf fun
• Guess Who?
• Minotaur’s Labyrinth
• Observing… “Sans Voir”
• Pegasus Ride
• Ten Pin Bowling on the beach

Team Building:
• “Poseidonia” Maritime Day
• Cypriot Art Marathon
• D.I.Y automobile
• In the tracks of the Gods by 4X4
• No Worries Be Happy
• Olympics on the beach
• Olympus Challenge
• Paintball Conquerors
• Say Cheese…
• Scouts’ Mission
• Survivor’s Day in the Forest

Experience the Blue:
• Aqua Odyssey
• Catamaran and Yacht cruising enhanced with elegance
• Catch of the Day
• Fashion Show on board
• Floating Spa
• Relaxing lazy cruise
• Sea Challenge

Meet the Culture:
• Cyprus Culture Tours through the centuries…
• Dionysus in Action!
• Getting to know Cyprus through its wines
• In the traces of the Cyprus Byzantine churches and monasteries
• Off-road Mythology
• Snakes and ladders on foot or on wheel
• Tasting Cyprus nature
• Tradition Hopping
• Village Fair in a Winery

Discover the Beauty:
• Cooking by the vineyards
• Cycling through nature
• Garden Tours
• Get out the…Gaudi you hide inside
• Once upon a time…
• Who will Aphrodite choose?